7 Top Coronavirus Photos

Heard of coronavirus, or as the cool kids say COVID-19? Here are our top 7 coronavirus photos.

Oh, it only seems like yesterday that everyone was laughing at us here in China, what with our face-masks, and being quarantined! Well, my word hasn’t the world changed.

Please understand this is far from a flippant blog, but merely an educational piece on how things were way back in February 2020, and as a little reminder to take coronavirus seriously.

Here are our 7 top pics COVID pictures

China famously likes noodles, so this genius of a fellow has combined love of noodles with safety. We bring you the noodle mask.

This is one of my favourites as I actually saw this in person. A sliced bottle with breathing space at the top, fun and protection for whole family.

Tinfoil head man! Wrapping tin foil around your head usually marks you as genuine mad man, but this fellow os borderline genius, as he also allows space to smoke through tin foil.

A sanitary pad wrapped in a face-mask. Extra protection, and, wait, you’ll like this. Also protects from nose bleeds. I’ll be here all week.

I freaking love KFC, not only do they make the best-fried chicken, but the colonel is also helping this man stay protected from coronavirus.

You know the phrase to exist in a bubble? Well, this guy literally is existing in a bubble. There is nothing not to like about this.

Not a picture, but a video, and one that is frankly unbeatable!!! A guy driving through Yangshuo in a huge plastic bag, both protecting from the cold, and nasty viruses!

We hope you enjoyed these pictures, BUT more importantly, whilst these pictures show the extreme cases, it also shows how seriously it was taken in China.

Honestly, guys, just start wearing masks already…….

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