Scotland's worst beer garden

Scotland’s Post-Apocalyptic Beer Garden

It’s no secret that Britain can be a depressing place. But Scotland, which is a part of Britain now and always, can take the piss with a depressing atmosphere. That’s apparently the main reason the Romans put up Hadrian’s Wall.

In Motherwell, Scottish people have been firmly reinforcing this stereotype after making a socially distanced beer garden that looks like something out of the Book of Eli. It was subsequently branded ‘the worst beer garden in the country’ and ripped apart online.

Personally, I think this is unfair. It’s not the worst beer garden in the country, it’s the worst beer garden on earth. Fucking Beirut has more atmospheric pubs than this.

On Saturday, pubs, restaurants, and cafes were given the green light to open their outdoor facilities for service as part of the Scottish Government’s plan to move out of lockdown. Drinkers were keen to get back to the pub after four months of closure. Indoor seating areas will continue to remain closed until at least July 15 as the Scottish Government hopes to move into phase three of its lockdown easing plan.

However, photos by disappointed drinkers returning to the pub beer garden showed tables and chairs flung together out in the backyard wastelands at the back of the Brass Button pub. An area of what looks like a car park has been roped off with chains close to a wheelie bin with a few chairs and tables scattered around.

However, some locals mobilized to defend their much-loved boozer which is at the heart of the community:

“It is a bit harsh. It’s a great wee hub in our scheme where the locals enjoy great pints and friendly banter all year round. Everyone from the staff down to punters loves the Brass Button and long may our wee pub stay that way.”

On a serious note, although it looks like a post-apocalyptic wasteland, well done to the staff of the Brass Button for trying their best to reopen their doors and provide some normality back to the people of Scotland.

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