The t-shirt opportunity of a lifetime!

OK, so that might be a little bit of clickbait, I mean we are talking t-shirts after all, but in the humble opinion of us at Weird World Wire, we think the t-shirts are pretty cool.

Our friends have created the website – you get it, CCCP is like the USSR in Russian script, so its like a play on cyrillic and latin. Clever right?

Anyway as you might have gathered the t-shirts in question tend to have a communist theme to them, which makes sense.

Now obviously all things communist doesn’t get everyone excited, but it does get us excited, very excited.

Option 1 – NADA

NADA is the North Korean version of NASA, which is funny because it also means nothing in Spanish. That is all we are going to say about that little morsel of information. It is though a kick ass design, particularly if you can pull off the black number.

And on to round 2

Pyongyang Metro

Round two takes us to the iconic Pyongyang Metro, which again has a  kick ass design. It has often been stated (by morons) that everyone on the metro is an actor. They aren’t and that is just silly.

And last but by no means least….

Visit DPRK

This is a great one for anyone that has either been to North Korea, or would simply like to pretend that they have. Both equally viable reasons to buy said t-shirts.

The t-shirt encompasses the legendary Ryugyong Hotel, the worlds largest unoccupied building, although it looks great as a light show now.

You can read more about the hotel of doom here (link).

We are told there are new designs imminent, but why wait, just buy one why don’t cha!

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