Can you live in North Korea?

Is it possible for foreigners to live in North Korea? The short answer is you can live in North Korea (and many do), but it is also not exactly that easy.

So, in the interests of this article we will ignore people that have tried to claim asylum, or other silly such things and concentrate on how you can actually live in North Korea.

How can you move to North Korea?

Be really important and, or friends with the leaders. One of the most famous expats to have lived in Pyongyang was King Sihanouk of Cambodia, who had house in both Beijing and Pyongyang, but for whatever reason spent most of his time in Pyongyang. He was really good friends with President Kim Il-Sung to be fair.

Can you defect to North Korea?

Of course there are the 5 famous defectors who crossed the DMZ, immortalized in Crossing the Line, but generally speaking unless you are of strategic value you can just defect to North Korea, not matter how bad you feel that capitalism is oppressing you…….

Can you study in North Korea?

There a lots of foreign students in North Korea, mostly from Russia, China and friendly African nations. There was also one Australian studying in North Korea, namely Alex Sigley. He no longer studies in North Korea!

Become a diplomat!

North Korea has relations with countries as diverse as Syria and Germany and there are oner 40 missions including the UN in the country. Theres quite a scene, mostly centered around the Random Access Club.

To read more about the RAC click here.

To read about embassies in North Korea click here.

Are there aid workers in North Korea?

A lot of NGO’s actually work quite closely with the government of the DPRK and this means that many foreign NGO workers are resident in the country. There is apparently a bit of an NGO scene in Hamhung we are told.

Can you teach in North Korea?

North Korea employs some foreign teachers in its universities, but not all that many. Then there is the legendary PUST, the only foreign run school where it is possible to go and yeah with. Obviously after coronavirus has finished….

Can I be a tour guide in North Korea?

Tour guides don’t live in the country as such, but some spend so much time there they literally do. Can you be a tour guide in the DPRK? Sure, if a company will employ you…….

Can I open a business and live in North Korea?

You certainly can, you can even rent your own house and drive a car. We even know of American farmers that live in the Rason SEZ of North Korea, but that is a whole other story.

To read a guide to the Rason SEZ click here.

Can foreigners join the Korean Peoples Army?

No, no they cannot.

Can I swim to North Korea and just live there?

No, this we really do not recommend….

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