Do US Marines Eat Crayons

For anyone familiar with the US military and the internet, you’ll likely be aware of the phenomenon that surrounds the US Marine Corp. A phenomenon that involves one of the world’s most elite military regiments and the sticks of colored wax known as crayons. In today’s article, Weird World Wire is going to get to the bottom of this and find out if it’s true: do Marines eat crayons?

Whether it’s the British Army or the US Army or any fighting force in between, it’s normal for different regiments to constantly wind each other up. But for older veterans, the phenomenon of Marines eating crayons may be news to them as it’s definitely a rumor with its roots on the internet.

The crayon question stems from the stereotype that the US Marines are the branch of the US Military with the lowest intelligence. However, it is just a joke and there is no video or photographic evidence to date of Marines chowing down on some crayons instead of their MREs, unfortunately.

But why the stereotype of low intelligence around the Marines? It all boils down to surviving the training and the unit itself which is no easy feat. You certainly need to be hard as fuck to make it as a marine, but a university degree is definitely not required. Most people who have graduated university don’t join the Marines, as they’re too busy trying to make themselves look important and develop critical life skills that they so desperately lack.

The stereotype of the Marines is also reinforced by the so-called ‘brainwashing’ that exists within the proud unit. The Marines are a proud unit and definitely have a bit of herd mentality.

But where do the crayons come into it? Well, who do you think of when you think of someone eating crayons? That’s right – the slow kids munching on a box of Crayola because they just don’t know any better.

Thankfully, the Marines seem to have taken the joke well. The members of the unit who’ve been offered boxes of crayons with their lunch by absurdly audacious jokers take it in their stride with a good sense of humor. Thank god…

Besides, eating crayons isn’t all that bad:

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