Where is the biggest stadium in the world?

Where is the biggest stadium in the world? No it is not Brazil, it is in Pyongyang, North Korea and it goes by the name of the Rungrado 1st of May Stadium.

Yeah we know what you are thinking, North Korea aren’t really powerhouses at any major sport, but they are very good at building communist type stuff, and they also hold the worlds biggest Mass Gymnastics Performance in the world. This is known as the Mass Games, or Arirang, Glorious Fatherland, Prosperous Country, or whatever they think works on the day.

What is the capacity of the May Day Stadium

The Rungrado May Day Stadium has a capacity for roughly 150,000 “paying” spectators, Usually though its for the locals and they don;t really pay.

When was the Rungrado 1st May Stadium Built

In 1989 just after Seoul had the Olympics as a kind of big middle finger to the capitalist scoundrels to the south. It was built for the 1989 World Festival of Youth and Students, something even less important than the Olympics.

To read about the 1989 World Festival of Youth and Students click here.

Another building that sprung up during this time was the Ryugyong Hotel, yep that hotel, you can read more about it here.

What is the Rungrado May Day Stadium used for?

Mostly for the Mass Games, which is a a bit like a Vegas show, but with a lot more communist stuff involved.  When it is used for the mass games it is essentially split in half, with an equal amount of participants performing, so like 75k participants and 75k watching. No mean feat.

Why is it called the May Day Stadium?

May 1st marks international workers day, so its got a lot of communist kitch value to it.

Can you visit the 1st May Rungrado Stadium?

Yes, you just need to go to North Korea…..

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