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Who Is Adrian Zenz?

If you’ve ever watched “Charlie Wilsons War” then you will know two things, one the film is shit, and two Christian Fundamentalists make extremely weird bedfellows with Islamic Extremists.

The reason? The one thing right-wing Christians fear and hate more than people believing in a different god to them is communism.

I’ll hark back to Charlie Wilson’s war before heading off into the Adrian Zenz zone. The USSR has just invaded Afghanistan, but Charlie Wilson, a US Senator feels that the US is not doing nearly enough to stop the red menace. Charlie is a cocaine using womanizer that is juxtaposed to being the symbol of all things great and American. He goes on a crusade with a bunch of right-wing Christians, including Joanne Herring, a “lady” who combines her wealth and Christian values with being a human mattress, amongst others. What follows is a love-in between Christian and Muslim fundamentalists until the Russians are defeated.

In the end, Charlie Wilson is considered a hero, the Christians are happy, and no one bats an eyelid about the fact that within the next seven years, the country will be run by the Taliban.

What Does This Have to Do With Adrian Zanz? Let Us Get to That.

Adrian Zenz is a German-born anthropologist and self-declared expert on all things Xinjiang, particularly the alleged “reeducation camps.” A noble cause in itself if that were the end of the story, but it turns out that Mr. Zenz might already have a horse in his race.

Adrian Zenz is a born again Christian of the evangelical nature that is closely allied with the evangelical right-wing that currently dominates American politics. He is also part of the “Victims of Communism memorial foundation.” Now, these guys really hate China, seemingly having not got the memo that China isn’t all that communist anymore. One should also not ignore the abject hypocrisy of a person that buddies up to theoretical dictatorships of the Middle-East whilst having a boner over the country that has lifted more people out of poverty than any other in history.

Of course, religious views do not necessarily negate someone’s academic prowess, but when said scholar not only believes that the world was literally built in 6 days, but is verdantly against LGBT rights, it is hard to take them seriously when they claim to be speaking “truths.”

When Adrian Zenz goes on his anti-China crusades, the subtext is that communism is bad, but living under a theocracy is good. He is from the same ilk that felt it OK to bomb the Russians out of Afghanistan, leaving the Taliban and Bin Laden to run amok. AKA anything but communism.

Adrian Zenz might be a poster child for both the left-wing woke brigade, as well as the right-wing fundamentalist Christians, but dig even a little bit and he is exposed as someone that has zero credibility.

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