why can’t I post nudes on social media ?

Internet fascism – why can’t I post nudes on social media ?

Why can’t I post nudes on social media ? Remember when Al Gore invented the internet? Initially it was assumed that it would be a great way to share cat based memes, as well for everyone, no matter how bad their looks could get laid. Of course there were other good things about the internet too, basically it was going to democratize the whole world, link us together and bring peace and harmony.

Things though have not exactly worked out that way though have they?

Internet censorship

When we think about internet censorship we are heavily indoctrinated by western propaganda. Countries like China censor the internet, but it is all free and easy in the west. This is true in the sense that we have “freedom of speech”, as in we can say what we like, but no one will listen is the problem  as we don’t own huge media platforms.

And this where the internet has essentially gone, yes we can make small crappy websites, but we are all reliant on the big guns of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Previously Tumblr was an outlier, but even they have now gone mainstream. Why is this important?

Internet giants control you

In essence we need Facebook et all if we want hits on our sites, and this means that getting kicked off is a huge problem. We at WWW have constantly been threatened with being kicked off of FB and usually for saying something that simply wasn’t PC enough. This should very much scare you, because we are not some racist site or some rubbish like that. Free speech is free speech, but where do nudes fit into all this?

Why can’t I post nudes on social media ?

This is actually more than simply nudes, there are numerous accounts on social media of friends of ours who are involved in the adult industry to some way extent, or form. Now no one is saying we need to see hardcore porn on Twitter, but why are adult orientated content being so unduly punished? It is almost as if we have gone back to some bygone Victorian era of prudishness. And it is not just adult stuff, but also what is now defined as hate speech. We have personally had more than one warning over this topic, which is now completely arbitrarily defined by a computer algorithm. I had a friend reporting on the war in Syria have his account shut down, again no reason, no warning, no reprieve. The power these guys hold is simply absolute.

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Don’t push us in with the fascists

The problem here is that when people like Tommy Robinson, or even Trump get kicked off of Twitter/Facebook everyone rejoices, but as the saying goes, you say nothing until they come for you, and then no one says anything to defend you.

why can’t I post nudes on social media
why can’t I post nudes on social media Joe?

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The problem is that those of us who want to push the boundaries and be interesting don’t want to be in the same boat as the alt-right, we do not want to have to join THEIR platforms.

If you are posting non-mainstream stuff then be afraid, if they have not come for you yet they will at some point.

Why can’t I post nudes on social media?

OK, so why can’t I post nudes on social media might be a bit click-bait like, no one is suggesting little Johnny should see his gran getting it on via his FB feed, but the line is now so strict that it has left nowhere for adult based content to go. The market is supposed to fix these things (we are told), but in reality that has not at all happened – as noted previously even Tumblr succumbed to the thought police.

Essentially now there is social media and there is PornHub, with nothing really in between.

Want to see an example of a hub click here (link to www.vickybirgin.com).

Is there a social media platform that will allow nudes?

The market and the giants might be dicking us about, but there are people out there trying o create niche platforms to suit various genres. Things like FetLife and OnlyFans have grown throughout the lockdown, but again they are not really plugging a hole – no pun intended.

To Orgasmic Ways

One new interloper that has jumped into the void has been Orgasmic Ways . What started as a fun site with games for couples has slowly started to turn into a kink community. There are groups, there are games and there is now basically a new social media that allows nudes. Will it be a game changer? Who knows, but surely the Internet Giants can only keep censoring us for so long, before the world stands up to them.

Wanna join Orgasmic Ways and share pics in your birthday suit among other jollies? Click here.

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