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Left-Wing, Right-Wing: Who wants a purge?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, or AOC as she is affectionately called by ultra-left members of the so-called American Democratic Party, has revealed herself to be either the biggest airhead in the entire party or simply an aspiring dictator herself. The architect of the proposed Green New Deal, which President-elect Joe Biden may or may not support, toyed with the idea of creating lists of Trump “sycophants.” To someone as far left-wing as AOC, one would have to assume a Trump “sycophant” would be any of the 71 million Americans who voted for the President in the most recent election or the 2016 election.

Trump tactics?

One only has to take a cursory glance at history (See The Death of Stalin for a humorous look at this tyrannical tactic) to understand that the creation and utilization of “lists” of political enemies has been a trait of every right wing and left wing dictatorship – well – ever. Naturally, AOC’s supporters gave her a big “YAAAAASSS.” However, others did not take so lightly a sitting member of congress musing about creating lists of political enemies, which brought on some humorous and poignant rebuttals to the darling of the left-wing’s “Squad:”

One user noted how it reminded him them of being banned from government benefits and jobs after being placed on one such list in Venezuela:

Another user aptly likened AOC to Chairman Mao, clearly alluding to the terror of Red China’s Cultural Revolution:

And, last, one helpful user made a very useful suggestion as to how the left-wing might more easily identify former Trump supporters:

Meanwhile, in a sign of bi-partisanship, many on the right-wing in the USA have reached across the aisle toward the left-wing to ask whether or not they should start at Best Buy or Target when rioting. Don’t forget your mask!

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