anti-vaxxers are coming…….

Anti-vaxxers are coming and you can expect them to be as rude obnoxious and ignorant as ever.

There’s a great phrase known as “first-world problems” usually meaning things like Waitrose doesn’t have any avocados left for example. These are as opposed to third-world problems, such as not having clean water to drink and shit like, you know death. Usually these worlds are far apart, but occasionally they traverse each other. Covid-19 is one of those cases.

Perhaps the best post of the week

The header photo to this article pretty says it all, but to summarize. A guy that used to buy Ecstasy from a guy called “one-eyed Ganga Gary” doesn’t want to take the Covid-19 vaccine, because he doesn’t know whats in it. For those of us of the 90’s-2000’s ecstasy generation this is a very funny post. In our day we would indeed buy drugs from dodgy people without a care for what crap had been put inside.

Sadly these and others twats form the anti-vaxxers. Of course I am not saying every anti-vaxxer is an ex-user of ecstasy and,, or cocaine, but they come from the same family of idiots.

What is/who are anti-vaxxers?

In case you have never heard of anti-vaxxer I shall explain. An anti-vaxxer is against vaccinating themselves, but more importantly their children from diseases. So, like you know how we got rid of stuff like smallpox and stuff. These people think its all a big scam and it will give you autism. Its kinda the same group of fucktards that think the earth is flat and global warming isn’t real. I don’t give two shits if this offends anyone. It’s called science.

When I last posted about China having success with a vaccine, most of the replies I received (from white males over 50 might I add) were “good luck with that”, “i’m not taking that” and again the usual shit you get from spoiled westerners. And yes I mean spoiled westerners. They can come from any race, this is certainly not a white thing.

So people will refuse the vaccine?

In places like China and South-East Asia people will receive the coronavirus vaccine gratefully. In places like America, the UK and Europe you can expect a lot of spoiled idiots to complain about their human rights and “not knowing whats in the vaccine”. The same knob heads who will eat any processed crap that supermarkets sell.

Anti-Vaxxers you have no human rights

And this is where “human rights” becomes an interesting topic. The Chinese might argue that not being shot at school is more important than an election every 4 years between two geriatrics. Yes I am talking about gun control, Biden and Trump.

And this is true with vaccinations, if you do not want to get vaccinated, no worries, but you should be banned from public places, schools and particularly airlines. Thankfully these types tend not to be the people that travel too far from their own countries anyway.

To summarize, dear Anti-Vaxxers, fuck you.

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