Five Companies Driving Development of 6G

Development of 6G

With 5G wireless networks still gaining traction in recent years, researchers and industry leaders continue to look ahead and they are already thinking about the next level of data technology. Yes, we are talking about 6G, which is expected to be deployed on trial as soon as 2030. 

However, there is yet a lot to do for communication industries to develop the standards to meet 6G requirements in the coming years. IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) is at the forefront emphasizing the importance of 6G technology. 

Development of 6G

The potential of the technology is defined to enhance the integration of the digital and physical world. Although it is too early to interpret the form and potential of 6G, we can briefly try to understand what this next-generation network would have to offer. 

The 6G Network- Prospects

Obviously, 6G is going to be the successor to 5G, with extended benefits and advanced communication technologies. It is said that 6G will support technologies like smart home networks and automated cars, besides smartphones. 

We know that 5G is the fastest internet and it promises exceptional download speeds, faster than 4G LTE with less latency. And when it comes to 6G, we can expect even higher download speeds with extremely low latency. 

It is expected that all 6G networks will have integrated mobile edge computing technology, different from 5G, enabling improved access to AI capabilities and supporting sophisticated mobile devices and systems.

While 6G is the future, it can’t be overlooked that today, we have some high-speed Internet options at our disposal. By and large, high-speed internet connectivity comes with only top internet service providers like Spectrum. 

It offers high download speed with no data caps. Plus, it allows free nationwide hotspots to connect away from home. In order to learn more, you may contact servicio al cliente Spectrum (For Spanish Customers). 

Anyway, here is the list of companies that are on the challenge to make 6G happen at their earliest. 

1. Nokia

Nokia is a popular European company that is leading in 5G, and it also making tireless efforts to be ahead of others in the 6G race. It has always been at the forefront of fostering innovation and technology leadership. 

In fact, Nokia is the project leader of Europe’s 6G flagship initiative, Hexa-X, for research into the next generation of wireless networks. The Hexa-X vision is to deepen the connection and integrity of physical and digital realms through 6G technology. 

Nokia Bell Labs expects to launch 6G by 2030; however, standardization phase 1 will start in 2025. Moreover, Nokia is one of the founding members of the Next G Alliance, which intends to advance North American mobile technology leadership.

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2. Ericsson

The next in the race is Ericsson, a Swedish company that is aggressively researching 6G. It is part of many partnerships and initiatives which focus on manufacturing next-generation network infrastructure. For example, it is a lead member of the Europe Hexa-X initiative. 

It releases articles and research papers based on network trends, and in 2021, Erik Ekudden, Ericson’s CTO issued technology trends where he discussed the trends and vision for future networks. Later, it released a post on five key technology building blocks that will evolve mobile networks in 2030 and beyond. 

3. Huawei

Another prominent telecommunication company, Huawei is a key player in driving the development of 6G technology. It has been at the forefront of 5G deployment and is now at the frontline in the research and development of 6G. 

Huawei intends to create an ecosystem to support immersive experiences and intelligent connectivity, to revolutionize all industries of life, ranging from healthcare to entertainment and infrastructure. 

4. Samsung

How could Samsung, one of the top-tier companies in the world, could hold back from rattling through the competition? In 5G, Samsung has more than 10 times the patents than the other ten patentors together. 

Now, it wants to combine expertise in communication technology with Samsung Research’s SW and artificial intelligence to beef up the strength of the 5G business. Furthermore, it intends to focus on developing technologies for 6G networks and devices. 

5. LG

In January 2019, LG opened a 6G research center in collaboration with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Moreover, LG Electronics showcased its 6G communication technologies, such as Full-Duplex Radio transmission, at the IEEE International Conference on Communications in 2022.

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Bottom Line

There are many companies at the forefront of innovation in the development of 6G; however, some of the top companies that are already off the mark are mentioned above. After looking at their efforts, it is evident that the next decade is going to be transformational and extraordinary. 

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