Britain Begs 3 Million Hong Kongers to Relocate

Ever wanting to look like the “big kids on campus,” Boris Johnson and his British Empire nostalgia-driven government have offered 3 million Hong Kong nationals the right to move to England. Hurrah! Only 23 years after we gave up the colony.

British National (Overseas) Passport

In actual fact, what the UK has done is offer the 3 million holders of a British National (overseas) Passport the right to move to the UK and then apply for a fast-tracked British passport after a year in the UK. In case you’ve not heard of the British National (Overseas) Passport, it is because it is not only a “bit shit,” but was explicitly invented with Hong Kong in mind.

When the British needed to leave Hong Kong, they were presented with a bit of a problem. The people of Hong Kong were British, but the government did not want 20 million Chinese moving to the country. Thus a new style of “citizenship” was introduced, which was the British National (Overseas). This rather useless book allowed Hong Kongers to travel still whilst pretending to be kind of British, but without the right to live in the UK.

Despite what the media presents about all Hong Kongers having some nostalgic view of the British Empire, of the 3 million people entitled to a British National (overseas) Passport there are only about 350,000 in circulation. The Hong Kong SAR passport they are being asked to give up is not only stronger than the British National (Overseas) Passport, but also a full British Passport (particularly after Brexit). But being “eligible” was enough for the UK to throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

Why Have the British Offered 3 Million People British Citizenship?

Well, the official reason is that the UK are concerned about the political repercussions on the autonomy of Hong Kong with regards to the extradition treaty agreed between Hong Kong and China. They have stated that it will infringe on “democracy.” Will we be offering the citizens of Syria passports next? Probably not.

Now, whilst that was the official version of events, let us look at things from a more cynical eye. Since leaving the EU and the economic repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic, which is being handled so badly in the UK, the British economy has tanked. Boris Johnson is also drawing up the drawbridge on immigration from the EU, and thus we also do not have enough workers. British National (overseas) Passport holders and Hong Kongers in general, tend to have money, so hey presto! Try and drag in 3 million economically viable immigrants to bolster your economy.

The Isle of Sheppey to Be the New Hong Kong?

There have even been rumours, although somewhat unsubstantiated that a small island of 60,000 people in Kent, namely the Isle of Sheppey, was to be handed over to Hongkongers to be made into some super-offshore economic hub. Great news for Sheppey if it does happen, as it is currently famous for being an economic and cultural backwater populated by chavs.

Will Anyone Actually Move From the Hong Kong to the UK?

Despite all the protests and the various hoopla that has been going around Hong Kong for the last year, the truth of the matter is that the standard of living in Hong Kong is quite simply far better than in the UK. Apartments are built in Hong Kong with space for maids quarters (most people have at least one maid), the country has an excellent social welfare system and even has reserves of money. That’s right Hong Kong isn’t in debt but can afford to support itself debt-free for 10+ years. Hong Kong is running like a 5 star hotel, whilst the UK is run like a poorly planned retirement home, with coronavirus.

What Can Hong Kongers Expect If They Move to the UK?

Remember Brexit? For whatever the talk about “getting back sovereignty,” the Brexit vote was about race, keeping Britain white and getting rid of foreigners. Hong Kongers might see themselves as British in some perverse way, they also certainly see themselves as “different” and better than Mainland Chinese, but your average knucklehead in Britain will not see it that way.

British National (overseas) Passport holders go to the UK if you wish, but you will simply be jumping onto a sinking ship, a sinking ship where the passengers view you as Chinese people coming to take their jobs.

It’s therefore fairly unlikely that this little gamble of the UK government will achieve anything more than pissing off what will become the world’s biggest economy within the next few years.

What a great start for Global Britain!

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