Japanese Government Preparing 100,000 Yen Handout for Citizens and Residents (Including the Nations 300,000 Sex Workers)

Shinzo Abe Japan’s Prime Minister has announced plans to provide all Japanese Citizens and permanent foreign residents 100,000 Yen (roughly 930 USD) as part of a support package to help the countries economy get through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Particularly notable is the countries decision to make this payout available to everyone through an application process. While other countries have provided financial support to their citizens, it is usually limited to people who have directly lost their jobs due to the on-going pandemic and generally excludes people who may be doing less than legal work such as sex workers.

Japan has decided to include sex workers into the stimulus package despite it technically being illegal in the country as the industry makes up a large part of Japan’s entertainment industry and without a source of income sex workers will likely find other ways to provide their services which could also, in turn, spread the virus.

Stay safe out there everyone!

The effects of the Coronavirus on Japan’s adult industry are becoming more and more noticeable. Pictured above is Kabukicho famous for its hostess bars, nightclubs and love hotels has become a ghost town.

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