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Top Ten Selling Beers in the World

What are the best selling beers in the world? Well, we not only have the answers, but we are fairly sure you’ve never heard of most of them unless, of course, you live in China.

Keep in mind this is NOT the list of the 10 best beers in the world; this list is measured by pure cash sales!

Let the Weird World Wire countdown begin.

10) Coors Beer

Not to be confused with Irish pop group of the 1990’s Coors beer is the type of crap beer supped at tailgating parties, and “Monday Night Football.” Coors managed an astounding $26.5 million in sales.

9) Corona

OK, so to confirm this is an old list, but in 2017 they sold just south of $30 million. Corona was made famous by a bartender who put a lime in it on a bet. You can bet your bottom dollar they will not be making it on the 2020 list because for some reason, the word “Corona” has negative connotations now.

8) Yanjing Beer

At a steady $29.7 million in sales, Yanjing is at number 8 on our list and one of four Chinese beers to make the top ten. Yanjing is a fire favorite in Beijing and not the worst Chinese beer in the world, but definitely not the best. It is sold in bottles, cans and indeed a somewhat palatable draft version.

7) Harbin Beer

This author’s favourite mass-produced Chinese beer, Harbin Beer is owned by Budweiser and tastes a bit like a poor man’s version. Alas, it still makes out better than most Chinese Beers.

6) Heineken

At $34.3 million, Heineken of Dutch fame is the seventh in the list. Awful beer that not even the Dutch drink, but considered “cool” in an eclectic array of places, including North Korea.

5) Skol Beer

So nice to see the British, well the Scots represented here with $35.1 million in sales, British people will always hold them close into our hearts for the supply of Skol-Super that they gave the hobos of our great nation.

4) Bud Light

Slightly absurd, but at $44 million a light beer is the fourth most drank beer in the world. If you thought Budweiser was bad try Bud Light, we dare you.

3) Tsingtao

Tsingtao comes from Qingdao in China, a former German colony, and it was the Germans who taught the Chinese how to make beer. Tsingtao is the most famous Chinese beer in the world, but alas not the biggest selling one (can you handle the suspense?).

2) Budweiser

At $49.2 million. What a sad state of affairs that Budweiser is the second best-selling beer in the world. Thankfully even if you combine it with Bud light, it would still be number 2, although through Harbin into the mix and it would be number one. It is loved by hipsters the world over.

1.) Snow Beer

Have you ever heard of Snow Beer? Well, unless you have lived in China probably not, but $100 million in sales makes Snow the best selling beer in the world. Is snow beer any good? No, no, it is not, but it is less awful than some other beers in China.

And that is the strange tale of the 10 best selling beers in the world, and we cannot wait to update this blog in 2021! Rest assured Corona might not be there.

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