Joe Biden

Joe Biden accused of racism for making factually correct statement

Joe Biden accused of racism in proof that America really cannot get much more ridiculous. We truly do live in s strange polarized era, the world was seemingly falling apart due to the fascism of the Trump era and America needed a woke hero.

Step up an elderly privileged white dotard to the rescue. Joe Biden was “woke” and he was going to come in and undo all the bad things that terrible Trumpenistas had done.

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What is a Latinx?

As they say everyday is a school day and today I learned new word “Latinx”. Apparently Latin, or Latin American are no longer socially acceptable. They are not racist (I think), but apparently transphobic. Latinx is the gender neutral, non-binary term that is more woke than Latin, Latina, or Latino. No one is quite sure who invented it, but it is now trending on Twitter – and the woke folk be angry.

I honestly at first thought at Latinx was part of the wild cat family.

What did forgetful Joe Biden actually say?

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

In speech about trying to get more people vaccinated, which you know is a kinda nice thing to do he was pointing out that some ethnicities had not been vaccineted as quickly as others, such as Latinos, I mean Latinas, or rather Latinx.

His exact statement was;

‘It’s awful hard as well to get Latinx vaccinated, Why? They’re worried they’ll be vaccinated and deported”

Premier Biden making Hitleresque quote

Why is this statement racist?

Quite simply because literally everything is racist you say about any race now, except for white privilege, or the white male tyrannical regime. That shit flies. Sadly tis rings true even if you have the best intentions, or your statement is based on fact.

This particular one was racist because it implied that “all Latix were illegal immigrants”, or at least this is what the Twitterverse had concluded. Sadly and regardless of what you think of Grandpa Biden, what he was actually saying was that some Latinos – (sorry I can’t do the Latinx thing anymore) if they were in the US illegally might be worried about getting vaccinated, as they would be putting their head above parapet as it were for scrutiny.

A sane head would take this at face value and see he was trying to get an underrepresented group vaccinated, but these are not the times we live in sadly.

Was Papa Biden right statistically?

And say this is the part where the world gets really screwed up, even if cast iron statics back up a quote it does not matter to the woke brigade.

According to the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) there are around 11 million undocumented/illegal aliens in America. Of this number 51 percent were from Mexico alone, with 75 percent coming from Central and South America – so Latinx people.

You can read the cast iron figures here.

Therefore numbers have been crunched and a speech has been made whereby logic has dictated that Mr Biden had to stress that illegals from Americas should not fear deportation, but instead should get vaccinated without fear.

Officially the most stupid thing since JK Rowling was accused of basically being transphobic for mentioning that many women in fact had vaginas, but only the second funniest statement about woeness this week after Yeomi Park accused the Ivy Legaue of being worse then North Korea – like LOL literally.

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And please remember it is still possible to be left-wing without being a twat.

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