life back to normal next winter

Life Back to Normal “Next Winter” Says Vaccine Creator

November 9th may well down in history as the moment that a vaccine for coronavirus was invented, but a week later and after those heady days of excitement a new reality has started to kick in. The solution isn’t going to be quick…..

Prof Ugur Sahin, BioNTech co-founder and investor of said vaccine has predicted that we will see huge results by the summer, with life being back to “normal” by the winter. Quite what that normal will be no one knows yet.

Although what is perhaps most exciting is that as more people get vaccinated, less people are exposed and spread the disease, which means (ideally) that as transmissions reduce the virus starts to disappear.

Question is, will life "back to normal" entail always having a mask ready at your side?
Question is, will life “back to normal” entail always having a mask ready at your side?

How will things move forward?

If things continue to progress as they do, western companies will start immunizing by the end of the year and go hell for leather at the start of 2021. This would probably mean an easing of restrictions in places such as Europe, where we are likely to see some travel corridors opened up. Should we get excited? Check out here.

At the middle part of next year, and as things start to heat up both literally and metaphorically the vaccine should start being dished out in the developing world, which puts us back to the previous point of reducing transmissions and ideally the virus slowing down. The safest way to travel during these times is sure by driving a car, just make sure to get your international driver permit.

So life will be back to normal by Winter?

Of course this is just a guess, but it is a guess from a respected scientist, so it should be taken as presented. If things do keep moving on as they are though things can only get better (it can hardly get worse).

The new NORMAL

But, what normal is in the future again no one knows, but don’t go throwing out your face mask yet, culturally it is more than likely that these are here to stay.

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