Man Arrested after Making it Rain Money from Apartment Window

New weather pattern: Raining money

The authorities the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing have arrested a man after he made it ‘heavenly rain of banknotes’ on commuters from his apartment window. What would cause someone to “make it rain money” when it’s your hard-earned cash and you’re not even in a Lil’ Wayne video?

Mr Bai, a 29-year-old man, had allegedly been high on methamphetamine, having taken the drugs at his 30th storey home. He was reported to been ‘in a trance’ as he threw his money, in an incident which was snapped my bystanders.

The traffic far below can be seen grinding to a halt as motorists rushed from their cars to try and make a grab for the falling notes, no doubt delighted by the unexpected change in the weather.

One widely shared rumour asserted that the money had been tossed from a helicopter by ‘a local tyrant in Chongqing who is terminally ill’.

However, this myth has been debunked by Chinese publication BJ News, which has since confirmed that Mr. Bai was responsible for scattering the money, throwing it from his balcony rather than from a helicopter. The exact amount is yet to be confirmed with some reports saying up to 20,000 Chinese Yuan (approx. $3000USD)

Police were reportedly called to the scene and Bai was taken into custody. In a statement, officers explained that Bai had been detained for taking drugs. He is now under investigation and will be receiving treatment.

Actually, it frequently rains here..

Strangely, this isn’t the first time someone in China has been spotted throwing their hard earned cash around in the megacity of Chongqing. Back in 2017, a woman walked into traffic whilst scattering 16,000 yuan (approx. $2,300USD) worth of bank notes behind her.

A local officer was prompted to follow her, picking up the cash as he went. Local media reports at the time stated that the unnamed woman informed police that she had tossed the cash about on account of being in a bad mood. Apparently there’s a correlation between having a bad day and making it rain money in Chongqing.

Last year a man who threw 100,000 yuan into the air after having a bad day at work asked for people to return his money. Police said the man’s actions caused a traffic jam and people fell over each other trying to grab the cash. So next time you’re whining about your problems, don’t forget to make it rain money for others!… Chongqing style.

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