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Online Slot Machine Facts All Players Should Know

Slot machines are the lifeblood of any online or land-based casino. Of all the games in any online casino, slots are the most popular and make the most profit for the provider. 

These games are fun and exciting to play and have no strategy involved, making them an attractive choice for all types of players, whether in person or at a Vegas online casino. The best feature of slot machines is that they come with hundreds of different themes that will be hours of fun for new and experienced bettors.

Slot machines haven’t always enjoyed this much popularity. Not more than a few decades ago, casinos targeted slots mainly toward the elderly and women. Casinos didn’t pay much attention to slots and didn’t care much about the people that played them, as most of their revenue came from blackjack and craps and the high rollers these games attracted. 

Online Slot Machine Facts

Modern changes started to take effect when online gambling was introduced in the mid-1990s, and slot machines now dominate the online casino industry. For players interested in learning more about them, there are a number of facts that all slots players should know.

Over 80% of Online Casino Revenue Is From Slots

In the early days of gaming machines, casinos didn’t put slots in the best positions on a casino gaming floor. Instead, most were placed outside near the elevators or in a hallway so they didn’t take up space that could be occupied by more popular games like blackjack and roulette. 

However, it didn’t take long before slots started making double the revenue of all other casino games combined. By the 2000s, these machines were generating over 85% of the average casino’s income. 

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Slots Are More Popular In Japan Than in the U.S. 

There are currently more than 800,000 slot machines in the U.S., with thousands more online slot titles available for players. However, that number is second in the world to Japan, which has nearly 5 million slot machines throughout the country. 

With a population of about 30% of the U.S., there’s one slot machine for every 27 people in the country and much more available in online casinos. So for those that thought slots fever was taking over the U.S. gaming industry, it doesn’t compare to their popularity in Japan.

Slot Machines Don’t Run Cold or Hot

Online casinos depend on most players engaging in the gambler’s fallacy, which is the player’s belief that a machine can either be hot and pay out winnings for a specific period or is somehow cold and not presently paying out. In reality, streaks of good and bad luck will happen when playing any game where the results are entirely random.

However, those streaks have absolutely no bearing on future results. 

There Is No Strategy Involved With Playing Slots

No matter what any so-called “expert” online claims about the perfect slot machine strategy, they are all just as worthless as any other. All slot machines are based solely on luck, and it’s impossible for any player to know when a specific machine will pay out. 

Therefore, bettors should never waste time or money purchasing betting guides or strategies for any slot machine. While some of these strategies can make playing slots more interesting, none will do anything to increase the odds of winning. 

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Online Slots Jackpots Are Unmatched

Those who are even a bit familiar with gambling have no doubt heard stories about some lucky player who walked away with millions of dollars playing in a casino. However, players gained all of these significant wins from slot machines. 

There’s no other game that comes close to the potential winnings of a progressive slot. For example, the largest progressive slot jackpot was won in 2021 when a player from Belgium won $23.6 million playing the Absolutely Mad Mega Moolah slot at Napoleon Sports & Casino. 

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