Stranded Brits in Cambodia Arrange Their Own Charter Flight

Stranded Brits in Cambodia arrange their own charter flight after the embassy refuses to talk to them.

There’s all that much that is funny about the coronavirus, or as the cool kids call it COVID-19, but there is a shit ton of irony in the fact that Boris Johnson is in ICU, with his stand-in idiot in chief Dominic Rabb in self-isolation.

Essentially if your heads of government can’t manage coronavirus, what hope do they have of stopping morons going to the beach and getting it? And what about those people stuck abroad?

It’s a holiday in Cambodia!

In the middle of March, Dominic Rabb told Brits abroad they should book “regular” flights to get back to the UK. Many people did this, and did this multiple times, only to have their refunds withheld, and thus no money to just keep booking flights upon flights. Sadly when your PM went to Eton, shit like budgeting don’t figure for you.

Jerry Lewis and his wife found themselves stuck in Cambodia and tried as per the government advice to try and get out themselves, something which failed as the country went into lockdown.

He thus decided to speak to the embassy on behalf of 100, or so other stranded ex-pats, only to be refused to be seen. Not ideal during a mass pandemic. He then bravely contacted Malaysian Airlines and started to arrange a charter flight back to the UK, again assuming that the embassy would help.

Instead, the British Embassy in Phnom Penh decided to disperse the crowd of stranded people with armed guards. That is right the UK embassy told their own people to fuck off with the use of armed guards.

Jerry Lewis, by all accounts it turns out, is a bit of a legend, and with a big brass pair of balls chartered the flight himself, and managed to get 101 other Brits back home to shit weather and quarantine.

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all Brits are assholes, just the ones in government, and it would seem our embassy.

We approached the UK embassy in Phnom Penh for comment, but they decided to sit comfortably in their rooms protected by armed guards.

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