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Surprising Facts Most People Don’t Know About Online Casinos

The popularity of online casino gaming is constantly growing, with players worldwide passing the time on the thousands of online platforms to have some fun and test their luck at the many games available. Millions of people enjoy playing at online casinos, but few actually know how the games work. 

Things like how the provider makes money and which games have the best odds aren’t subjects the online casino industry typically shares with its customers. However, all customers need to know these facts before deciding to risk their money online. 

To make the most of their online casino experience, players must make sure they don’t make mistakes that can make it a negative one.

There are several factors to consider before opening an account at an online casino, the first of which is to find a provider that is licensed to operate and is regulated by the proper legal authorities.

About Online Casinos

That being said, there are some surprising facts that all online casino players should know.

Craps Offers The Best And Worst Odds In The Casino

What makes the game of craps different from other online casino games is that not all the bets available offer the same odds. Therefore, knowing which has the best odds is essential and will affect the player’s overall experience. 

The simplest bets on the table, “pass” and “don’t pass,” have a house edge of less than 2%, and the “odds” bet is one of the only bets in the entire casino with no house edge. However, specific bets have a much higher house advantage, like the “any seven” bet with a house edge of nearly 17%. 

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The Amount of the House Edge Doesn’t Matter

Online casino players won’t find this fact written in the fine print at their favorite online provider. All players will eventually lose if a game has any house edge. The only question left to be answered is how long it will take. 

For example, playing slots typically have a house edge less than roulette. Although the house edge is higher with roulette, it may take longer to lose because players can wager less money per hour. The bottom line is that in the long run, the house always wins.

All Casino Games Pay Less Than the True Odds

It’s common knowledge that online and land-based casinos make tons of money. However, most players don’t understand why. The simple reason is that the odds of winning any game and the payouts are unequal. For example, betting on red or black in American roulette pays the bettor at even odds. 

However, because the wheel has two green numbers, the winning odds aren’t even. With 36 numbers on the roulette wheel, the player has 18 ways to win but 20 ways to lose, making the chances of hitting red or black less than 50/50.

Casinos Know In Advance How Much Each Game Will Earn

It’s easy to figure out how much an online casino game will make in the long term. The formula is as follows: Average player bets per hour X the average bet X the house edge is equal to the expected hourly loss for players. 

For example, the average online slot player will make about 600 spins per hour. If they’re betting an average of $2 per spin on a machine with a 10% house edge, the average loss per hour is $120. 

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Casinos Like When Players Win

Many players believe that casinos don’t like when players win, which is the exact opposite of reality. Online casino operators know they will make a profit in the long run, with the odds on every game in their favor. They also realize that no one would ever play at their casino if there were never winners. 

Even the online live blackjack dealer knows that for them to have job security, players have to win sometimes. They also rely on tips to make a living, so they’re likely always rooting for winners at their table.

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