Top 5 Useless Websites During Coronavirus Pandemic

We are proud to have a whole section on weird websites, but what about the top 5 useless websites during Coronavirus Pandemic? We’re glad you asked!

It is a funny old time for the internet, pretty much everyone is on it, because they’re stuck indoors with bollocks all else to do at this time, but many of the great websites that we use, or indeed rely on us for their money. The funny thing though, is whilst they are currently all but obsolete, they are a bit like watching a car crash. You simply cannot look away.

Here are our top 5 all but pointless websites we still all look at during the Coronavirus Pandemic

This one is a corker. You get to see every plane that is flying on any given day. The lol value here is that pretty much the whole world is a barren wasteland for flights right now, with the exception of China (some internal flights), and the USA which looks like a little beehive, full of flights without people wearing facemasks (buckle in our American friends).

You could swap this website for almost any other flight engine such as Skyscanner, or Momondo. The fun part here is that there are literally bollox all flights in the world! Pick two random destinations and see the price and hilarity it takes to get from the two places. We’ve found flights up to $30,000, but don’t book them unless you have an endless supply of credit, as most are being cancelled.

In civilian times this is one of the best websites around, nowadays slightly less so. The general concept of this site is to tell you how to get from two places on earth using any transport means possible, extra lol value during COVID-19, when most countries have closed their borders.

Remember the old days when we travelled and used hotels, and these bloodsucking bastards were at the top of the shit pile. Using these guys or Agoda produces the same lol values. Hotels are one of the hardest-hit businesses by the coronavirus, so browse this app, and you will either find nothing listed, or 5-star hotels offering rooms in exchange for food stamps (got one for 20 bucks last week).

Well, pretty much ANY website related to the glorious game of football. Currently, in Europe, unless you have a special affinity to football in Belarus, the only country (aside from Tajikistan) not to cancel their season, you will not find much in the way of football news. Even the multimillionaires at Barcelona have had to take salary cuts. Poor bastards.


One of the best websites ever made, basically it says no until its Christmas, then it says yes.

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