Virtue Signaling and Give Me Your Stuff

We’re living in truly surreal times. Not only has a global pandemic basically fucked up the world, but a man has also died! And not just any man, in the eyes of the glorious millennial mob, it’s a black man who was seemingly worth more than the millions of black Africans who have been slaughtered in various civil wars, dictatorships, and police brutality fuelled by foreign involvement. The so-called BLM certainly didn’t get off their asses for a single one of them. For this man, however, they have burned down US cities and have now begun to do the same in the UK.

Over the weekend, a statue of a slave trader was torn down in Bristol and thrown in the canal. London Mayor Saddiq Khan is now eyeing up destroying statues or symbols of things that he doesn’t like in the capital of the UK. Reminds me of those guys with a penchant for airy clothes but a slight distaste for Buddhist statues, but moving on.

Over the last few days, my social media has been swamped by people who I have seen regularly make racist and derogatory jokes now desperately trying to display how ‘non-racist’ they are through virtue signalling and basically saying how white people are mean and always have been. I myself am fully on board with virtue signalling, and in honour of the glorious dismantling of the white patriarchy under the leadership of George Soros, I want to propose further steps to crush historical facts I don’t like.

Pictured Above: Isis doing a virtue signal

Do you own a bank account with Barclays or Lloyds? Do you drive a BMW or a Volkswagen? Do you love the feel of a soft Hugo Boss polo on your back? Bad news guys, girls, and trans people of color (not the white ones), gender fluid liquid sex humanoid furries, and related characters. You gotta hand that shit over to me, and I’ll see to it that it’s taken care of.

During the slave trade, I mean the British one not the far worse Barbary slave trade that took place in North Africa or the modern enslavement of Black Africans in post-Gaddafi Libya, both Lloyds and Barclays made huge sums of money looking after the profits of British slave traders. If you’ve ever profited from interest from these banks, you, sir, are a foul racist.

During Nazi Germany, BMW, Mercedes, and Volkswagen were all components of the Nazi war machine that utilized Jewish slave labour in concentration camps. If you own any of these vehicles, burn it, you abhorrent racist.

If you’ve ticked the first two boxes, I bet you take your slavery connected money from your bank account and drive your Nazi car to buy a Hugo Boss branded clothes. Guess what? The uniforms that the Nazis wore whilst enslaving most of Eastern Europe, made by Hugo Boss.

On a serious note. We are all equal, regardless of what color your fucking skin is. If you think you’re superior because of your colour, black, white, or otherwise and get violently angry at concrete statues, you are nothing but a gullible and deluded cunt. Don’t allow the state, media, or political extremists to divide the human race for their own political aims and make George Orwell’s 1984 fiction again.

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