strangest sexual fetishes

Top 12 weird sexual fetishes

What are the top 12 weird sexual fetishes?

Now, let’s talk about fetishes. Did you know that there are a lot of strange sexual fetishes out there⁉️ Are you interested in finding out more about different fetishes❓Of course you do. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now. I’m so psyched to share this with you! Let’s get to work, shall we?

So here are the 12 Weirdest fetishes you’ve likely never heard of 👇

1. Hybristophilia

Hybristophilia is a sexual paraphilia where a person becomes sexually stimulated over someone else committing a crime. This may involve burglary, sexual assault, or even murder. I know, right?

weird sexual fetishes

Hold on one second 🤔💭🔪💌 That would explain why Ted Bundy received a large amount of fan mail when he was put on trial in 1979 for raping and savagely murdering more than 30 young women 😱

2. Eproctophilia

Eproctophilia is a sexual paraphilia where people are sexually aroused by anal flatulence. In plain English, it means Fart Fetishsm 💨

So if you let out a hot sonorous big stinky fart, 💨👃 in front of your girlfriend, and she gives you the big-eye. I guess now you know why.

3. Yeastiality

Yeastiality is when one is turned on by bread, which involves having sex with a bread of any form. This might include, pastries, warm dough, etc.

weird sexual fetishes

Well, at least that explains why bagels have holes in them 🤔💭🍆🍩

4. Keraunophilia

Keraunophilia is a erotic fascination for thunder and lightning.

A short poem by Podopheleus

She sprawls on the bed, her legs open, she starts vigorously masturbating. Lightning flashed⚡ thunder struck ⛈️ A-Ahhh….!!

5. Infantilism

Infantilism is a erotic fixation to wear diapers and role-playing as a powerless infant. Infantile play may involve drinking from a baby bottle, peeing and/or pooping in diapers, speaking in baby language, humiliation, and punishment.

weird sexual fetishes

This fetish is also known as:

– Diaper infantilism

– Adult baby

– Autonepiophilia

– Paraphilic infantilism

– Psychosexual infantilism

6. Necrozoophilia

Necrozoophilia is a paraphilia where a human being has a sexual attraction for deceased animals.

On a related note, have you ever wondered what Pet Play is? Would you like to learn about Pet Play? Well today is your lucky day. Check out my blog, ZOOPHILIA STORIES – PET PLAY IN THE WOODS (Part 4 of Submissive Husband Stories)

7. Knife play

Knife play is a BDSM activity involving knives, 🔪 swords,⚔️ daggers. 🗡️ I want to make it clear that knife play does not involve cutting the skin or blood. There is another way of looking at this, of course. It’s part of the thrill, and there’s the mental stimulation of when you have a knife to your skin, and you are coerced into sexual submission by a cutthroat Dominant.

strangest sexual fetishes

Talk about living life on the edge folks!

8. Symphorophilia

Symphorophilia is a paraphilia in which a sexual excitement involves staging and watching catastrophes, as for instance a road accident, forest fire.

9. Taphephilia

Taphephilia is a sexual arousal from being buried alive.

strangest sexual fetishes
strangest sexual fetishes

Cor blimey, that’s digging your own grave, right? ⚰️

10. Enkuopoiphilia

Enkuopoiphilia is a fetish that involves being sexually aroused by the act of impregnation. This may involve role-playing Incest pregnancy stories, rape fantasies stories, where the woman is being raped and knocked up as well.

Roleplay rape fantasies that involve impregnation:

– Incestuous rape fantasy impregnation. The rapist could be the father or grandfather or both.

– Gang-rape impregnation.

– Being held captive rape fantasy, impregnation. The roleplay follows the scripted scenario of a helpless female held captive, and she is being raped daily to ensure impregnation.

11. Robotism

Robotism is a sexual fetishsm for robots, humanoids, cyborgs, and androids. This could also involve a person acting as a robot. 🤖

strangest sexual fetishes
strangest sexual fetishes

12. Scatophilia

Scatophilia also known as Coprophilia is a paraphilia involving a sexual stimulation and satisfaction from feces. In plain English, that means poop, and by the way, I’m not shitting you. 💩

Did you know that in Greek, Scato means feces and Philia means liking – σκατά φιλία.

There we have it, kinksters. But, if you want to read more about Fetishes and find out what the hell Sploshing is read my guest blog as featured on:

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