Rate my Boobs

Who remembers rate my boobs?

Who remembers rate my boobs? Rate my boobs was the original website for rating amateur boobs, and yes we miss it.

As spoken about in our previous “Rate my Poo” article, the internet used to be a simpler place, one where we made websites on Angelfire, spoke on MSN Messenger, and Mark Zuckerberg was still getting bullied at school.

During this evolving times of Al Gores internet many sites came and went, many simply fell into obscurity, sites like Rate My Boobs are sorely missed.

The essential concept much like rate my poo was that amateur ladies would upload photos of their upper-gonads and people would then rate them from 1-5, thus giving averages and a leaderboard for the best boobs. There was no prize, no fame, and no glory. Fun bags were posted merely for the pride of being rated.

As one might imagine, the site was extremely popular, and it was very easy to while away the hours on dial-up connection making judgments on the milk-bags of people we had never met.

And then, one day, it all stopped. No one fully knows why it went away, well they probably do, there’s even a Reddit Thread on this, but I couldn’t be bothered to do any research on the matter, so I’ll just make broad assumptions.

Rate My Boobs was taken away from us by a loony-leftist communist conspiracy, probably with Russian collusion with help from snowflakes and Hilary Clinton herself. I’m right, right?

Nowadays, the original site, which I will not post the URL of, literally just points to porn. And what is the point in that? We all know where PornHub is, and Rate My Boobs wasn’t about “porn”, it was about being given the ability to judge ladies on their one eyed-twins.

Alas, and like with anything else there have numerous copycat attempts, but nothing even compares to the original….

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