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America Angry at Maduro Victory – without any irony

America angry at the victory of Maduro – without any irony. This whilst “President Trump” is still claiming victory. Not just claiming victory, but saying he has worked harder in the last 3 weeks than “in years”. Kind of like getting sacked and then REALLY trying while serving your notice.

What were the election results?

Of the 277 seats up for grabs the United Socialist Party won 157 seats. Quite a resounding victory you might say, but alas things are not that simple.

America recognize another President

Venezuela has oil you see and it also espouses leftist ideology whilst supporting Cuba. This makes Venezuela an enemy of America. Sure Saudi Arabia can kill gay people and chop off limbs, kind of like, well ISIS. Oh and also fuel the forgotten war in Yemen, but no it is Venezuela you need to worry about kids.

America recognize a chap called Juan Guaido. He was never elected President by like anyone, but he did declare himself President. Now the US and 50 allies back him, rather than Maduro because he has pretty much agreed to sell oil. He has also had some truly epic failures when it has come to trying to perform a coup in the country. Check out Operation Gideon if you want to learn about one of the most retarded coup attempts ever.

The US Press are furious about the Maduro Victory

On hearing about the election result I immediately googled to find out what the results were. What I got was a 3 page barrage about how the election had been boycotted by the opposition and wasn’t fair. You can read a choice piece by a butt hurt American here. Now of course this is usual behavior by Americans. There have always been “good dictators” and “bad dictators” and of course the US has a very rich history of election interfering (or simply overthrowing governments). You can read about this glorious tradition here

Americans cannot see any irony in the current situation

So, here is the deal America. No one is saying that Venezuela is a bastion of democracy, or that their system doesn’t have flaws, BUT! You are sitting in your ivory tower shouting about a flawed election whilst the idiot who has led your country for 4 years, and lost his election is trying to have the result overturned. Trump is still saying he won the election. An election between two geriatrics with kids as screwed up as each other and equally shady business pasts. The Turd Sandwich vs the Giant Douche, the dotard vs the retard, call it what you will. Regardless of what you call it, the election was a pointless pissing contest. The left did not win and America, you lost.

Why did America lose the election?

Well, you can read this. But I will summarize as follows. America you look like a fucking banana republic right now. You are rife with coronavirus and have two competing presidents not working together, which means more people will die of Covid-19. You have no credibility. One can only PRAY that Trump sets up a rebel government and the world gets to pick two sides. You know kind of like what they have been doing around the world, a lot. Trump in Alaska forming the Republic of America? Funded with weapons from China? I’d be very down for that.

Saudi Arabia are hypocrites
Saudi hypocrisy

Leave Venezuela alone

I’ll therefore summarize as thus. Dear America whilst you support Islamic Fundamentalist governments and turn your head at genocide in Africa, WHILST not even being able to keep your house in order, stop and think. Do we have the moral high ground to talk about democracy? The short answer is no, no you do not.

To read about how America funded and supported the Khmer Rouge click here

And at least that is one thing we can thank Trump because even with America Angry at Maduro Victory, it does not matter. You no longer have the moral high ground.

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