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Thank You Trump!

President-elect (kinda) Joe Biden has warned that people may die if the transition does not move at a quicker pace. We think he is talking about coronavirus, but he could also be talking about Civil War 2.0, And for all the hilarity we say Thank You Trump!

Donald Trump hasn’t conceded

Remember when the US election was really exciting stuff? I mean it kept bouncing back and forth between the two, driving bookies mad and then there was the blue wave! And then it got boring, it took almost 10 days for the self-declared bastion of democracy to count the votes and decide that Biden had won. At this point the honorable thing, or at least the expected thing for Trump to do would have been concede the election, but Donald Trump as usual is far from “normal”. He is though quite predicable As recently as Monday he Tweeted “I won the election”.

Did Donald Trump win the election?

We have written about how no one won the US election, which you can read about here. But in real terms and even with the drastically flawed electoral college system it seems Biden won. He did this by getting more votes than Donald Trump, both at the electoral college and the popular vote.

Enter the sore loser

So, despite having again lost the moral (popular) vote, Donald Trump is now trying to have the recounts and votes in various states overturned. At first it was mildly amusing, but now it’s a bit like watching a sad old man with dementia. I almost feel bad for the little fella.

The Libya Model?

During their time negotiating with North Korea the “Libya Model” was often mooted. This model involves getting rid of your weapons of mass destruction and then the US and its allies overthrowing your regime. Funnily enough North Korea did not jump at this idea.

Amusingly though it is another “Libya Model” that the Donald Trump regime is going through now. Remember when embassies and the like started defecting from Gaddafi before he lost power? Now we are seeing Republicans slowly but surely admit the election was lost, leaving only the marginal far-right to fight the good fight until the bitter end.

Why Thank You Trump?

By making the US look like some kind of Banana Republic you have irrevocably damaged US standing overseas. Now when you start to lecture about Hong Kong, Venezuela, or wherever else your regime changing mind takes you, don’t be surprised that the world does not give a shit.

Gentlemen, you no longer have the moral high-ground.

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