Have two countries with McDonalds ever gone to war?


Is it true that no two countries with a McDonalds have ever gone to war? No it is not true, in fact quite a few countries with a McDonalds have gone to war.

Where did this theory come from?

The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization is a 1999 book by Thomas L. Friedman. He says a lot of stuff in the book, but in the interests of this article he states that no happy capitalist countries (defined by having Ronald McDonald) would go to war with each other.

To read about countries that don’t have a McDonalds click here

By this very definition invading Iceland, or Ghana shouldn’t be an issue. After his theory was proved false, he adapted it somewhat, but the general meaning has remained the same?

Sadly it just isn’t true.

have two countries with McDonalds have ever gone to war?

So, which McDonalds countries have been to war against each other?

When Russia invaded Georgia they both had a McDonalds, so strike 1 on this theory. When Russia annexed Crimea, both countries had a McDonalds. And then you have the whole Donetsk business, Donetsk might not be a country, but they did got McDonalds. Strike 3.

But the dastardly Russians are not the first to piss on the chips of this theory, for that came during the Yugoslav wars, particularly in Serbia and Kosovo, again both being McDonalds nations (god that sounds bad). One might argue that it started as an internal conflict, but the point remains.

India and Pakistan

You can usually rely on India and Pakistan to go to war every few years, and yes they both have McDonalds. Although one might argue the lack of beef in India makes it void? We are not sure about that one.

In conclusion

So, yes countries with McDonalds have been to war with each other, and the theory is basically a pile of shit.

Bonus round! The US invaded Panama when both had a McDonalds in 1988. So, the theory was debunked even when it was formed.

You’re welcome.

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