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What is world vaccine nationalism and why are people surprised about it?

What is world vaccine nationalism? In case you missed the memo North Korea stood up at the United Nations (UN) and basically said that the rich countries of the world were dicks for stockpiling vaccines, whilst developing countries were being fucked over.

You can read about the North Korean rant here

Now while it is easy to just think, well its North Korea of course they’re gonna say that, it is not just the North Koreans that have talked about vaccine nationalism, a lot of people are calling out rich countries on the matter, what is really surprising though is that people are actually surprised it has happened.

Shots for shots

America has vaccinated at breakneck speed and after perhaps Israel has been one of the quickest countries to vaccinate. They have been so successful that there are even bars offering “shots for shots”, that is you get a free shot if you get the vaccine.

You can read about shots for shots here .

Let that sink in for a moment, in India they’re burning bodies on the street because of how bad the pandemic is going, while in America they literally have too many vaccines. There are even countries in Africa that have decided that they won’t even bother with a vaccine, simply because it is just not worth the hassle.

Vaccine nationalism is capitalism

So, while people can and will debate the merits of vaccine nationalism and countries such as the already vaccinated United Kingdom can now talk big about “Vaccinating the world by the end of 2022”, the reality remains that most devoted countries have put a big middle finger up to the poor people of the world.

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This might sadden, or anger the woke out there, but it should not surprise people. World capitalism has not dealt with hunger, disease and war in the developing world, there is no communistic sharing of global wealth, so why oh why would anyone expect the rollout of vaccines to poor countries to go any better. This is the world economic and political system that we in the west have created, so why have any surprise when it delivers fuck all to poor people.

China are the only country actually helping the developing world

Vaccine Nationalism vs Capitalism

In a rather surprising twist of fate Biden has turned out to be a bigger cock to China than Trump, with the west now presenting to care about human rights, of course whilst still playing cozy to the lunatic Islamic monarchies of the Middle-East. Of course this is a charade to mask the real reasons for Cold War 2.0, the fear that China is becoming too powerful and countries are following their lead rather than that of the “free world”.

According to data from the BBC China have now vaccinated about 53 percent of the country, impressive when you have 1.4 billion people. They have though also been supplying developing countries from across the globe with Sinovac, which finally has World Health Organization (WHO) approval as well as other locally produced vaccines.

To read about Sinopharm getting WHO approval click here .

The point here is that America have vaccinated 90 percent of the country, while giving out very few vaccines to other countries. Of course China still gets painted as the bad guy here, they are only doing it to gain influence and all the other blah blah blah that goes with anything China does.

The reality though for countries such as Cambodia is that they are now able to vaccinate their citizens, currently having managed an impressive 23 percent according to the Khmer Times, simply because they received vaccines from China.

Is China communist? In reality not all that much, but it is interesting how officially communist countries such as China, Cuba and North Korea have reacted about the virus when compared to the group of rich countries.

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Vaccine nationalism will be remembered

For the time being  countries will hit patiently for the rich of the world to give them vaccine for their people, which will undoubtedly be received greatly, but for those countries that China has helped pull out of this mess they will remember who came to their aid when they needed it, regardless of the motives. A friend in need is a friend indeed as they say.

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