10 Weird Flags (2020)

Many a bayonet charge has been sent forward by a king on the battlefield fed lies by military corruption. When soldiers head off to sometimes certain death, it is usually stated that they are doing it to protect their flag. We have therefore decided to put together 10 Weird Flags, in fact flags so weird it makes a mockery of people fighting for them.

Here’s our ten favorite strangest weird flags, and of course why we love them.

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (State of the Masses)

Flag of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Not content with giving the county a stupid name, Colonel Gaddafi decided to redo the Libyan flag too. Gaddafi was obsessed with Green and associated it with his own firebrand take on socialism. In fact he was even gonna call his palace the “Green House” until someone pointed out how stupid it was.

A plain green flag that shows literally no effort at all. Of course Libya now has a great flag, but sadly is a failed state. Swings and roundabouts I guess.


Flag of Tonga

Tonga is basically an absolute monarchy where the royal family do what they like and the rest of the country live in poverty. They designed their flag to include royal colors and a cross for Christianity.

Sadly the flag looks like a cross (see what I did there) between the Red Cross and a clinic pharmacy. Thankfully they are rubbish at sport so you will rarely see the flag.

South Korea

South Korea flag

OK, so I have read all about this and apparently it has loads of really deep meanings such as ying and yang, energy and blah blah, but lets be honest, it’s a weird flag.

For the longest time I thought the ball was actually a football. Sadly for South Korea, North Korea have a much better flag.


Guam weird Flag

OK, so Guam isn’t a country in the traditional sense of the word, but they do a lot of country stuff like have a football and Olympic team. Guam is famously obese and it seems that it was a fat guy attitude that made their flag.

Surely the tackiest flag on the planet, but at least it makes a swish souvenir t-shirt.


Bermuda flag

So, again Bermuda isn’t a traditional country, but its got a weird flag, so we gonna include it. A rather boring red background and a boring Union Jack, but then look on the right-hand side.

Literally the only flag in the world to feature a sinking ship. WTF is that all about? We have no idea….


Canadian flag

Canada used to have a proper flag until 1980. In 1980, Canada finally became independent (yay). They then had to decide what to put on their flag, so decided on a Maple-Leaf.

OK Canada we get it you pretend to be a peaceful nation, but a freaking Maple Leaf? Good luck getting people to die in the name of that monstrosity.


Welsh weird flag

Wales is less of a country and more an inner-colony of the rump British Empire. Wales though is allowed its own funny language that no one can understand as well as a weird flag.

The Welsh flag has a dragon on it, which seems really bad ass until you go to Wales. There are no dragons in Wales.


Albanian weird flag

Albania has not been the luckiest of countries, what with the years of Ottoman Rule, Hoxhaist communism and being really crap at football.

One constant has been the weird flags of Albania which always has a double eagle type thing that you can form doing hand signals. The badge also looks a lot like an emblem from a football jersey.


Bhutan flag

Another gem to feature a dragon. One of the few weird flags to feature an animal, although of course the animal isn’t exactly real.

Having a dragon on the flag conjures up visions of a super tough nation. Bhutan isn’t very tough.


Mozambique weird flag

Mozambique went through a bitter civil war that resulted in the victory of the communists. Communists do like making a bad ass flag. We’e all seen a hammer and sickle, but Mozambique has an AK-47, a book and a shovel.

Ironically Mozambique is now very capitalist, but they decided to keep the weird flags.

Did we miss out on any weird flags?

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