Adolph Hitler wins election

Adolph Hitler Wins Election in Namibia

Adolph Hitler Wins Election in Namibia! Yeah I know what you are thinking, that’s IMPOSSIBLE! Everyone knows that Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party fled to the moon after World War 2 right? And you would be correct to think this. In fact the Namibian Adolph Hitler isn’t the real Hitler, he was merely named after him.

Adolph Hitler Wins Election in Namibia

So, to Adolph and his election win. Adolf Hitler Uunona of the ruling, center-left SWAPO party was sworn in as a councilor for the northern district of Ompundja in the Oshana region of Namibia on Wednesday. He won with 85% of the vote on a “civil rights” platform. All good so far, but it does beg the question……

Why would someone name their kid Adolph Hitler?

This is the big question! According to Adolph his father just really liked the name and there was no ulterior meaning to things. I’m sorry mate, but I just don’t buy it. I once remember meeting a Mongolian chap who told me he was a huge Hitler fan. It seems many fans of Hitler simply didn’t read his book thoroughly enough. And they certainly did not read his second book!

Did Hitler live in Liverpool? Read this article to see if he did.

And the irony does not end there…

Namibia was formerly a white minority-rule country that was only liberated after the end of Apartheid. Let that sink in for a bit. A black father in a white-minority governed country decided to name his child Adolph Hitler.

Thankfully though Adolph has cleared things up by stating he is not planning “world domination”, nor anything resembling the Holocaust. So, we can all sleep tightly tonight.

And whilst this story is rather ridiculous and very easy to mock, we can also take a little look closer to home. Here are eight Nazi products that we still use today

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