Ecommerce Business Model During Holidays

Ecommerce Business Model During Holidays

Do you want to learn how to manage an eCommerce business during the holidays? We have crafted interesting tips and let’s get started.

Ecommerce Business Model During Holidays

Email marketing is the most effective tool 

Whether you’re new to email marketing or not, now’s your time to get going with email. As we have said before, at this time of the year consumers are more tolerant when it comes to receiving many emails.

They will want to be informed of the most attractive offers and the best discounts. So, it’s time to attack. To get the user’s attention and open the email, the subject is essential. It is what will determine whether it is opened or ignored.

Some examples of the subjects of your emails are:

  • «Holidays Shopping: Only 2 days left! -25% discount on all products»
  • «Holidays Special: Save 15 euros on your orders!»
  • “Exclusive Holidays deals – now extended just for you”
  • “The perfect last-minute gift!”

The idea for your eCommerce: Include emojis at the beginning so that the message stands out among all those in the inbox. Add star emoticons, Holidays tree, gifts.

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Social media promotion for your store

It’s important to promote your store on social media. You can start with YouTube and TikTok because it’s the biggest stuff right now.

Video marketing is a big thing in 2022 and you should miss this chance. You can buy YouTube subscribers PayPal integrated and gain more attraction.

Make sure people who leave the online store come back to you

Today’s consumers are very demanding. And undecided. And it is that they almost never buy on the first visit to an online store and abandon the shopping cart before completing the transaction.

For visitors to return to your store, a good remarketing strategy (with ads or emails, for example) is essential. It would be a shame to spend a lot of time generating visitors but not being able to persuade them to buy.

Another basic aspect for the 2022 Holidays campaign to be a success is the optimal performance of your online store.

Your eCommerce must work properly throughout the year, but you have to pay more attention during this period because, in the best scenario, thousands of potential customers will visit your online store.

And you don’t want the system to be overloaded and all those potential customers to walk away with an empty shopping cart.

Make sure your back-end is in order

Not only is it necessary to have a simple and clear website, but you must also make sure that it is capable of dealing with the increase in traffic during the Holidays 2022 campaign. That’s why it’s important to make sure your back-end is “healthy”.

Make sure all plugins are up to date and work well together. Will your server be able to handle the increased traffic? Some of the measures you can take are reducing image formats and installing a caching plugin.

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Optimize your online store for mobile

There are many online stores that still do not realize that the vast majority of consumers are already shopping through their mobile. More than half of all website traffic currently comes from mobile phones.

Therefore, a mobile responsive website is of great importance. Is your online store not displaying optimally on mobile or loading slowly? Then there is a high probability that visitors will go elsewhere to buy.

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