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    Chinese City Wants Street Names That Sound More Chinese, Less Foreign

    The civil affairs authorities of the Chinese city of Qingdao in Shandong province have released a regulation on naming roads, which forbids names after state leaders, foreigners and foreign places, following a nationwide battle against “non-standard” names of places. It is believed to be the first road naming rule for anywhere flying the flag of […] More

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    The almost parties of the US election

    Democrats, Republicans? OK, but what about the almost parties of the US Election? If you’ve been following the US election at all, we will excuse you if you are a little confused. Both sides are claiming victory, no one really understands how the system works, and it is a bit a shit show. The Electoral […] More

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    Woman brings 23 relatives to her blind date with a $3000 bill

    A single woman in China has seen her blind date gone horribly wrong after bringing along dozens of her relatives to the romantic occasion to test her companion’s generosity, according to local Chinese reports. Without telling her date in advance, the Chinese woman allegedly showed up with 23 family members and turned their romantic candle-light […] More

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    Koh Rong Sanloem and the Last Battle of the Vietnam War

    How did a tiny Cambodian island come to host the Last Battle of the Vietnam War? People travel to Cambodia for a whole heap of reasons, there’s the obvious, such as Angkor Wat, which pre-Trump virus received millions of visitors per year, lots of temples and of course dark tourism. If you have interest in […] More

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    What’s It Like in Donald Trump’s Presidential Bunker

    We’ve all wondered right? What is it like in the Presidential Bunker? Earlier this year as Black Lives Matter protests swept across America, the resultant riots inched uncomfortably close to the White House, President Donald J. Trump was rushed into the White House Bunker by Secret Service agents where he remained for around an hour […] More

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    In a Locked-Down World, Haiti Remains Open for Tourists

    Part 1 of the Haiti chronicles Part 1 Dean Karalekas explores Haiti I regretted the decision almost as soon as I arrived. When Azda gave me the choice of renting a car or a motorcycle as he showed me around his country, I immediately opted for the motorcycle. For one thing, I hadn’t ridden a […] More

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    5 Worst Ideologies in the World

    What are the Worst Ideologies in the World? When it comes to ideologies of the world there is a lot of  crap out there, much of it governing countries as we speak! In the interests of not being too controversial we have decided to avoid any that are in actual existence in a country now. […] More

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    Gambling and Communism – North Korea Style

    Gambling and communism! Oh my! At Weird World Wire we LOVE hitting some of the quirkier things in life and it does not get much quirky than gambling in North Korea. Gambling and communism Gambling tends to be heavily frowned upon by communists. I mean just the very concept of flipping a card to become […] More

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