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Divine Birth of son of Hun Sen

The son of Hun Sen is being primed as the next leader of Cambodia with tales of a North Koreanesque divine birth.

When you hold 100% of all the national parliament seats and have been in power for 35 years, you’d think that you could just put your son in power, but where is the fun in fucking the people without foreplay?

Hun Sen, who is 67, has said that he will lead the country until he is 75, but that the CPP should be in power for another 100 years or so. Not the best of news for democracy, but great if you happen to have the surname Hun.

Many have believed that after parachuting his son Hun Manet to be the leader of the Cambodian military that he might well have designs on his sone inheriting the throne. At various points, these rumours have either been inflamed, or played down depending on the mood of the country, but then there is the story of the miraculous birth.

In 2013 Prime Minister Hun Sen told an audience of about 5,000 people, “Manet may be the child of the Neak Ta Anchanh Koh Thmar,” referring to a spirit that is worshipped at an altar under a Banyan tree. He made the statement in the village where his son was born in 1978.

He went on to add, “When [Manet] was born, there was a bright light that flew over the roof of our house.” Hun Sen famously invokes the ghost world in profoundly spiritual Cambodia, which is in stark contrast to the fervently anti-religion Khmer Rouge of which he was formerly a leading figure.

Quite what will happen at the top of the Cambodian People’s Party is anyone’s guess, but keep your eye on the military general born under the Banyan Tree, he might be the next despot in arms.

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