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    10 Weird Flags (2020)

    Many a bayonet charge has been sent forward by a king on the battlefield fed lies by military corruption. When soldiers head off to sometimes certain death, it is usually stated that they are doing it to protect their flag. We have therefore decided to put together 10 Weird Flags, in fact flags so weird […] More

  • Ko Yong-Hui portrait
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    The little known story of Ko Yong-Hui

    Even if you are not all that into North Korea, there is a decent chance you would have seen, or heard of Chairman Kim Jong-Un. You will also probably (we hope) be aware that he is the son of the second leader of North Korea, General Kim Jong-Il. For people with a slightly geekier knowledge […] More

  • Hakarl hanging in Iceland
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    Hakarl – The Food That Stinks of Piss

    There are a number of foods that are either so rancid, so poisonous, or both that you honestly wonder how they were discovered in the first place. We present Hakarl – the food that stinks of piss. I’ll never forget when I first read about puffer fish from Japan and how many people it killed. […] More

  • North Koreans traveling abroad
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    Can North Koreans travel abroad (2020)

    When it comes to North Korea, there is a lot of innuendo and outright lies when to comes to the country. Most of it negative, some a little more debatable. One of the most common myths is that North Koreans are forbidden from leaving the country. Weird World Wire went out to explore the question, […] More

  • Scale for testing average height
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    Average Height of People

    Whilst being woke means not being able to point out any difference between ethnicities, science has in fact shown us that people are different. We decided to look into the average height of people. As a white CIS (not a citizen of the commonwealth of independent states) male that lives in Asia I generally find […] More

  • Wife of Putin
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    Women of the Kremlin

    They say that behind every great man is a great woman, but surely this phrase also counts when the guy is not so much a great man too. In the west we are used to our leaders wearing women on there arms like a fashion accessory, but in Russia, this is much less the case. […] More

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